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Einige persönliche Worte über unsere Crew und was wir machen.

Als Erstes mal heissen wir Dich auf unserer Seite herzlich willkommen.

Wir wollen uns nicht allzu lang fassen und kommen gerade zum Punkt. Unser Team besteht aus actionsport und naturbegeisterten Dudes die professionelle Shootings und Filme drehen, die alles für den einen Moment geben.

Enjoy the ride.

our members

Martin Schläpfer

Creative Director · Photografer · Filmer · Rider

Michael Seyffert

Filmer · Photografer · Rider

Daniel Jegi

Rider · Producer · Filmer

Kevin Bantli

Rider · Producer · Filmer

Top Stories & news


Pilot project Snowpark Hochwang

It`s been quite a while that we`ve been having the vision to build a snowpark. Togheter with the skiresort Hochwang we came one step closer to that dream.


Igloo Night

Here`s to another adventurous day in the great mountains ! The tour started with a gentle ascent to the "Parpaner Schwarzhorn". Right before our final climb to the summit, there was a dangerous traverse keeping us from our goal.


Season Edit 2015

Watch the season 2015 in a little movie about some good moments of our crew and the pilot project Snowpark Hochwang. The films were taken at some nice spots in Hochwang, Arosa, Laax and other resorts in Switzerland.


We say thanks to our Partners.

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Latest photos

Earlyseason Nightsession

Having a blast with a nice Road Gap, a downrail and the crew.

Igloo Night

Another adventurous day in the great mountains! The tour started with a gentle ascent to the "Parpaner Schwarzhorn".

Sessions with Habash Skate

Take a look at the shots we made with Habash Skate Co.