GM Hometrail

When we rode home from Arosa (Grisons, Switzerland) towards Molinis with our bikes, we discovered a hiking trail.

The trail had`nt been used for some time and looked like it. We rode the Trail for several times and thout about expanding it. Two weeks later we brought a load of planks and other material to the trail and built a berm and a jump. As we started building, we soon realized that this project would be bigger than planned.

Because (as mentioned) the project turned out to be larger than our plans, we got into disagreements with the community of Arosa and sadly we had to demolish the trail again.

We used the time we`ve got to film a run of Daniel Jegi, Josua Visani and Kevin Bantli. The community foiled us and we wanted to film the rest of the trail later, which didn`t happen due to scheduling reasons.

With an improvized intro and outro we finished our project. lean back and get inspired!

Our movie

GM Hometrail

Josua Visani, Daniel Jegi & Kevin Bantli sending it on the way home.

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